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No. Product name Specification CAS No. Test Method
Uridine-5'--monophosphate Disodium salt 98% 120011-70-3
GS028 Lycopene 5%~90% HPLC
GS027 Diosmin 9:1 and 90% EP Micronized HPLC
GS026 Citrus bioflavonoids 40%,80%,90% HPLC
GS025 Hesperidin 75%,80%,90%,95% HPLC
GS023 Grape Seed Extract 95% Proanthocyanidins; 95% Polyphenols UV
GS022 Sea buckthorn Juice Powder 100% juice Powder TLC
GS021 Beetroot juice Powder 100% juice Powder TLC
GS020 Acerola Extract 5%,17%,25%,50% Vitamin C HPLC
GS019 Acerola Juice Powder 100% juice Powder TLC
GS018 Yi Zhi Ren Extract 0.5%~0.6% Nootkatone HPLC
GS017 Hops Extract 0.096%~0.144% Xanthohumol HPLC
GS016 Grape Leaf Extract 1% Quercetin3-O-β-D-Glucuronide HPLC
GS015 Lemon Extract 5% Citric acid TLC
GS014 Lemon Juice Powder 100% Juice Powder TLC
GS013 Green coffee bean Extract 45%,50% Chlorogenic acids HPLC
GS012 Artichoke Extract 2% 5% Cynarins UV
GS011 Reishi mushroom extract Polysaccharides 10%~50% UV Triterpene 1%~10% HPLC,UV
GS010 Red Wine Extract 20%,30%,50% Polyphenol HPLC,UV
GS009 Boswellia Serrata Extract 65%,70%,80% Boswellic Acid TLC
GS008 Horse Chestnut Extract 20%~40% Escines HPLC,UV
GS007 Resveratrol 10%~95% Resveratrol HPLC
GS006 Cranberry Extract 10%,25%,50% PAC UV
GS005 Curcumin Curcumin 98% HPLC
GS004 Curcuma Longa Extract 10%~95% Curcuminoids HPLC,UV
GS003 Green Tea Extract Polyphenols 10%~98.0% EGCG 10%~95% L-theanine 20%~98% HPLC,UV
GS002 Marigold Extract 5%~80% Lutein 5%~40% Zeaxanthin HPLC,UV
GS001 ​Panax Ginseng Leaf Extract 4%~80% Ginsenosides UV HPLC,UV
LT-001 Melatonine 98% HPLC
LT-002 Astaxanthin Astaxanthin 1% (other specifications: 2%, 5%, 10% and water-soluble astaxanthin 10%) HPLC
GS024 Baicalin Baicalin 70%,7%,80%,85%,90% HPLC
LT-005 Aminolevulinic acid 98% HPLC
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