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[product name] melatonin

[English name] Melatonine

[ alias 】 pineal voxel; melatonin

[Product Overview] Melatonin, also known as melatonin, melamine, melanin, and pinealin, is an amine hormone produced by the pineal gland of mammals and humans. The melanin-producing cells illuminate and are therefore named melatonin. It exists in many organisms, from algae to humans, and its levels vary with time of day. It is mainly an amine hormone produced by mammals and human pineal gland.

[Chemical name] melatonin N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine

[C A S number] 73-31-4

[Molecular formula] C13H16N2O2

[Molecular weight] 232.27

[Test method] HPLC

[product specifications] melatonin 98%

[Test method] HPLC

[product traits] white powder

[ Packing] 1kg/aluminum foil bag, 25kg/cardboard drum (double-layer plastic bag inside, jacket cardboard drum)

[Storage] Store in a cool, dry, dark place, away from high temperatures.

[Shelf life] 24 months

[product application] medicine and health care products, cosmetics raw materials